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Maternity leave details

My maternity leave is coming up soon – June 1-Aug 31.  Here’s some details around it for those affected.

Minneapolis Bootcamp: Classes will continue as normal, with new teachers Steve and Haley!

Everybody else (St. Paul Bootcamp, all personal trainees, and small group training):  Off for the summer (June 1-Aug 31).  There may be schedule changes this fall, but I plan to return to work after Labor Day.  Keep in touch, and in August I’ll let you know my specific plans/schedule for the fall.  Your options for the months off:  1) You can join the Minneapolis bootcamp, or 2) I can create a specific workout plan for you, with changing workouts, to cover the 3 months.  $100 for the specific 3-month plan.  I will meet with you to go over the plan, and check in with you one or two times throughout the summer, probably via email.  3) I can also suggest some other classes/trainers/etc. that I think would be helpful to you.  Talk to me for some recommendations!

As far as payments go:  You can continue to buy packages/sessions up until May 24.  It is possible, but unlikely, that the baby will come before then.  I will work the last week of May (after Memorial Day) if possible, and any sessions can be paid for individually at the time of the session.

For those on auto-debit:  Basically you are paying for 8 sessions per month.  If you don’t get those 8 sessions in in May due to Baby Cole coming early, then later in June I’ll refund whatever you miss.  Or, you can add in extra workout time with me earlier in the month.  If you manage to squeeze in 9 or 10 sessions in the month – then you just got lucky.  🙂  I will make sure your auto-debit is on hold so you won’t be charged for June, July, or August.

Please feel free to ask me any questions!  I know you will do GREAT this summer – and for some of you, the change-up in routine will be just what you need to push your fitness to the next level.  🙂