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Lose Your Love Handles

Lose Your Love Handles

Get some extra motivation this February by signing up for this Fitness Contest!!  Only $20 to enter, and the winner receives $100 CASH plus 4 Personal Training Sessions!  Contact me to schedule your weigh-in ASAP – February starts on Friday!  And, GO GET ‘EM!

Weight Loss Yoga Workshop


Coming up on Saturday, January 26, I’m going to teach a 3-hour workshop on yoga, nutrition, and cooking!  We’re going to work out for an hour, talk for an hour, and then cook and eat together!  Here’s more info, and at the end is the link to the web site to sign up.  Invite a friend!

January 26, 2013 11:30am – 2:30pm

Weight Loss   $35 with Amanda Cole

*Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor Amanda Cole will guide you through a yoga practice to reduce stress, boost metabolism and increase body awareness. This class will include nutrition information, recipes and a mindfulness eating meditation as you share the tasty lunch you have prepared together.

Referral bonus

Had a good experience training with me? The biggest complement you can give me is to refer friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, or anyone else you know. A good way to pique another person’s interest is to talk about how your new fitness has improved your life. Be honest, and others will listen! Those who have mentioned that they want to get in shape are very likely to be interested, and everyone loves to hear a success story. If you haven’t shared your successes with me yet, then contact me right away!!

Feel free to invite a friend to join you for a workout. I do offer a referral bonus if your friend signs up for training or boot camp: one free training session, $50 off your next training package, or 1/2 off your next month of boot camp. Thanks for helping me spread the word!