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Lose Your Love Handles 2017

Happy New Year!  Did you make a resolution?  If it was related to health, fitness, nutrition, maybe you’d like some extra help sticking to it.  Sign up for the Lose Your Love Handles Fitness Challenge!  It’s a great way to  get moving, eat better, shed pounds, kickstart healthy habits, and have fun doing it with a motivating community. Click here to read more and read below for stories of winners of previous challenges.

Weigh ins start January 25, point tracking goes from February 1-28, and weigh outs are March 1-7.  Here are some days/times for weighing in:

  • Wednesday, Jan 25, 9am-noon (Minneapolis); 5:30-8:30pm (St. Paul)
  • Thursday, Jan 26, 6am-11am (St. Paul)
  • Saturday, Jan 28 10am-1pm (St. Paul)
  • Monday, Jan 30 5:30-8:30pm (Minneapolis)
  • Tuesday, Jan 31 6-11am (St. Paul)
  • Other times can be made available too.  Contact me to schedule!
  • PegLYLHWinnerPeg, celebrating her win of Lose Your Love Handles 2016 🙂