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Lose Your Love Handles 2016

19 Participants have gathered together to fight flab with dietary, exercise, and healthy lifestyle goals.  Some of the goals they have set for themselves include walking 15 miles this week, no elevators this month, complete a plank a day, no Coke Zero, doing IT band exercises daily to return to running in the spring, no wheat, 10,000 steps per day, and increasing greens intake.  Wow!  These ambitious folks are competing for 2 prizes of $50 cash plus 2 personal training sessions.  One winner will be the person who acquires the most points, the other will be the person with the largest change is body composition or weight loss. Go team!

12187751_10206933761635282_4115236891080623219_n.jpgThis photo from our Awards Ceremony from a previous fitness challenge:  Scare Off the Pounds 2015.  Brunch at French Meadow. Yum!