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I appreciate the training you  have given me the past 6 months. I have learned the importance of proper form and alignment when working out and I know that has really helped me physically, as I am not having to go to the chiropractor as often as I did prior to lifting weights with you. – Anonymous, December 2017

Way to go, “Anonymous”, I’m so happy I could help!!  Stay strong!

I started working with Amanda Cole over five years ago when she first got licensed to become a personal trainer, and it has never occurred to me to work with someone else.  With her structure and good humor, I have been able to incorporate working out and living in a healthier way into my daily life.  Through her workout challenges, I have lost 15 pounds and kept the weight off because, by the time the month has ended, my habits have changed!  I might be a little stronger, but what’s more important for me is that I feel healthier and have a generally more positive attitude, which pretty much everyone in my life appreciates.  Hooray!  If you want to get the personal care and support to make fitness a part of your everyday living, there is no one better than Amanda Cole.
– Kevin Ward, February 2017

10616561_3318195755073_4545711748115857578_nAmanda is the BEST!!!! Her (well-organized, body positive, encouraging, holistic) Fitness Challenge changed my life.  (Like, seriously, ask anyone).  She is easy and comfortable to work with! Her knowledge base is incredible and she is a lot of fun!  She helps me adjust exercises to keep my body safe while I build it to be stronger! Since first working with her 6 month ago I have started eating (way) better, exercising (almost) daily and feeling healthier in all kinds of ways.   JUST DO IT!  Being healthy feels GREAT! – Amy Anderson, November 2016

Amy’s hard work sure shows in her 2 recent wins of Summer Sizzle 2016 + Scare Off the Pounds 2016.  Not only did she get the most points both times, she also reduced her body composition from 19.2% in October 2016 to 17.6% in March 2017.  Way to lose body fat and keep it off, Amy!!


No more drive-thru: Healthy Habits Formed!

The winner of the Scare Off the Pounds fitness challenge, October 2014, was Reed Bailey – losing 6.6 pounds, 2.75 inches, and 2.8% body fat, as well as having the highest point total for the month.   Here’s some comments from Reed:

Following the challenge guidelines gave me the excuse I needed to form healthy habits over the 30day challenge – more sleep, eating breakfast, balanced nutrition, replacing drive-thru with packed lunches, daily exercise, reduced soda/alcohol consumption.  Very happy with the results!  Looking forward to continuing to use some of the new grocery shopping and cooking improvements I discovered along the way.

More energy, improved athletic performance, and less body fat = win-win-win!

I decided to start personal training with Amanda because I was unhappy with how I felt in my own body. Working in athletic medicine and being around high level athletes all day, I have the tools and resources to be healthy, however I lacked the motivation to put everything into motion. After just over 5 months of working with Amanda I have so much more energy and I can really see the difference in my workout performance. I was able to complete the Lululemon Twin K (14k) last weekend and I would not have been able to do it without Amanda. – Debbie D., September 2014

Note:  Debbie’s body composition changed from 34.5% body fat in April 2014 to 30.0% in September 2014.  What a significant reduction and reflection on her hard work!

Success story: 50 lbs lost!!

Lauren started training with me in February 2013, with some ambitious weight loss goals (50 pounds to lose!). She had already lost over 10 pounds in January alone with some big dietary changes. One of Lauren’s goals was to look more toned and fit on her annual trip to Florida, coming up in May. Well, she nailed it! Here’s what she says right before leaving on her trip: “All packed for our vacation… Happy to say that I am taking 52 less pounds with me this year!” Lauren, I am so proud!! Not only did Lauren lose 52 pounds, her body composition dropped from 36% body fat to 30%, which is a HUGE accomplishment. Summer 2013: Lauren is following a fitness plan that I personalized for her and keeping her nutrition clean, lean, and green. Focusing on lean proteins and green vegetables has been key for Lauren, in addition to working out with me twice a week as well as on her own time. She managed this with two jobs and three kids – so you better believe that you can do it too!! WAY TO GO, LAUREN!

I worked out with Amanda, for a month, then went on a month vacation, returned, had foot surgery and was “off” my feet for three months.  At that point I had gained 7 lbs and lost a lot of muscle.  After two months of training, I had lost 6 of the 7 lbs and my body composition went from 27.9% fat to 25.2% fat!
Amanda changes the workout up every few weeks.  Sometimes I think I am not ready, but then we give it a go and it works.  The workouts are varied, within the workout as well as in the change ups.  They are hard, but doable which leaves me with a feeling of success and accomplishment after every workout, even those on my own.  Speaking of workouts on my own, I know that Amanda expects me to master the work out and that is my inspiration to work through each routine on my own.
Amanda has focused me on my core and balance and the results are amazing.  I am so much stronger now than I was when we started.  And my balance has improved 200%.I would recommend working with Amanda to anyone looking to work with a trainer to improve their physical and mental health!- Bev Jacobson, June 2013

Kristi Photo

Amanda Cole and Total Balance Fitness are Awesome!  Thank you Amanda for challenging me at every single boot camp class.  I have been working with Amanda for just over 2 months and lost 18 lbs. and 2 pant sizes.  Amanda also provided me with a meal plan that is easy to follow.  Thanks for encouraging me to do things that I did not think that I was capable of doing and also creating modifications to exercises when needed.  I have never exercised consistently in my life – now I have finally seen results thanks to Amanda’s up beat attitude, encouragement, and amazing work outs!  Thank you Amanda for taking the time to get to know me and truly being interested in why I am coming to your class.  Amanda understands her client’s goals and is great at keeping my goal on my mind.  Amanda is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and genuinely cares about everyone that she works with.  She has kept me accountable to my fitness goals. Thank you Amanda for helping me to see how exercise, diet, sleep and stress level are all key factors when living a healthy life.  You have made me consciously think about what I am eating, instead of just eating to eat.  My whole life is changing and it started with Amanda!  I would highly recommend Total Balance Fitness to anyone looking for a great workout.  – Kristi Moreno-Olivera, May 2013

Colin began training with me in January 2012, and in the past 8 months has done one-on-one training, boot camp, and small group training. He says, “I’ve improved dramatically in both physical strength and my endurance. She provides personalized workouts and diet plans which are great for me as I used to eat horribly! Before working with her I’d work out maybe once a week, I go 5 times a week now and she is totally worth it!”

Colin forgets to mention that he has gained over 10 lbs of muscle and his body shape has totally changed from “skinny guy” to “toned guy”, and he now needs new clothes to fit his new muscles!

Way to go, Colin, your hard work has paid off!!

Hannah - gaining muscle!Sometimes those last few pounds (or body fat percentage points) are the hardest to lose. Hannah achieved her goal over the past four months, reducing from 17.8% body fat to 15.7% body fat. Part of the truth here is that she actually gained 3 lbs over that time period: proving that the scale doesn’t necessarily mean anything! Hannah gained muscle, which weighs more than fat. She says, “Thank you so much, Amanda! You gave me the motivation I needed and really pushed me to challenge myself!” She also says that changing her diet has made the biggest impact: “Learning to prep my meals for the week has made it so much easier to stick with it!” Congrats, Hannah! Thanks for your hard work and dedication! To those reading this, contact me if you want some help with meal planning, nutrition, and reducing body fat. I’d love to have more success stories like Hannah’s!

Success Picture for JohniI still can’t believe that I lost 5% of my body fat within the first three months of working out with Amanda! I went from size XL to M in shirts, and size 16 to 12 in pants! Just from doing two 30-minute workouts per week with Amanda! Amazing! Amanda’s boot camp classes are dynamic, creative and affordable. Also, the accountability from her and the group has gotten my butt to the gym – even on those days when I wasn’t feeling up for a workout. Amanda motivated me to sign up for my first 5K in years, which was a lot of fun! Amanda has also helped me to create and maintain healthy eating habits. Since I started working out with her, I’ve been happier, healthier and more energetic than I’ve felt in a long time.
Thanks Amanda!
– Johni Baxter, May 31, 2012

Kobly and Jessy - Success Story!Success story: 70 lbs lost!!

Kolby and Jessy were participating in a Biggest Loser weight loss challenge with some friends. The married couple reached a plateau, so they signed up for my boot camp. One month of boot camp really pushed them on their way to success! Kolby’s total weight loss was 42 lbs and Jessy lost 27 lbs. What an accomplishment!

Jessy says, “Couldn’t have done it without Boot Camp!”

Kolby says, “It’s always hard to transition from simply a runner to being a truly well balanced athlete. Bootcamp really challenged me in every aspect from strength, to endurance, to balance and beyond. The atmosphere is very social and fun, yet extremely focused on getting everything out of you at every session. Amanda doesn’t hold back on the importance of pushing you to your extremes and her knowledge of form and safety is obvious. The class is full of people from varying levels of fitness, yet everyone is able to work together and we all have the freedom to go as hard as we can at all times. I really appreciate when a class doesn’t get stale and it seemed like every session we would be doing different circuits. In just 30 days I really noticed a change in my body and would challange anyone to sign up and see what you are made of.” April 2012

Take the challenge and let me help you accomplish something great like Kolby and Jessy did!!

Suzi's Testimonial PictureAfter two months at Total Balance Fitness with Amanda Cole, my blood sugar A1c reading went from 8.1 to 7.7, which is a marked improvement for this diabetic. I have dropped to one smaller pants size. Before working out with Amanda, I couldn’t sit on the floor for any length of time, never mind with crossed legs. I can now do so effortlessly. I am less winded, less dizzy when moving quickly, and feel better about myself! I still have a ways to go, but I’m energized by Amanda’s encouragement. Thank you, Amanda and Total Balance Fitness! – Suzi Nelson, 2/1/12

I want you to know how much I enjoyed your boot camp parties. Thanks!
– Monica Song -June 6, 2012

I started working with Amanda a year and a half ago, after surgery and cancer treatment. I was weak and had little stamina and could not do even one sit-up. Now, thanks to Amanda, I am much stronger and more flexible. I am active in outdoor activities and can do more than 100 sit-ups in a session.

Amanda is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and she also is able to be quite motivating, while not being in your face about it. I started out just wanting to get ideas to build strength and improve fitness. Now I am surprised to find myself doing strength training 2-3 times a week, as well as cardio and yoga. I also have made changes in my eating habits. All of this has happened fairly easily just from working with Amanda and it’s been fun! – Fran L.

Amanda’s encouragement, knowledge, and skill have helped me become a whole new healthier me. Before I started training with her I had knee pain from flat feet, very little endurance, and almost no upper body strength. Under Amanda’s tutelage I have ditched the shoes and my knee pain with barefoot running and barefoot workouts. In addition, this year I have run a 10k race and can do 100 pushups within a one-hour training session. I feel strong and confident with more energy than ever thanks to Total Balance Fitness! – Wendy F.

[Since starting Boot Camp] I have been improving on my pace time for my runs that I have been doing outside while training for my half marathon. With my foot being better since I switched shoes and mixing in these boot camp classes with my normal p90x workouts and 15-20 miles a week regimen, I have seen an improvement with my weight loss and getting more toned! – Khoa N., 2/13/2012, after 2+ months Boot Camp

Amanda- Thank you so much for all of your help!! I tried on my summer clothes today and I looked so good and so do my legs:) I have had such a hard time with my weight gain the past two years but now I see it dissolving away. I can also fit into my clothes again without hanging over! – Roxi

Amanda- Working with you for the last year (despite my whining and complaining) has been SUPER good for me. I’ve never exercised this consistently before in my life – I’ve never really felt like I could stick with it or see results. You have been a big helper to me and taught me a ton. Thank you for helping me take control of my body, feel confident about exercise, and actually stick to it for the first time ever! -Janell

The best decision I’ve made in my attempts to lose weight was to find Amanda. She’s sweet, energetic, and she knows exactly how to motivate me to succeed. – Dana

I have been working with Amanda at Total Balance Fitness for about a year. She’s an excellent motivator and teacher. I have never been good at keeping a workout routine but she has helped me to be consistent and now I’m healthier and I feel better (not to mention thinner). I highly recommend Total Balance Fitness! – anonymous

Amanda has helped me improve my endurance and flexibility over a very short time. Mostly, she’s done this with a good sense of humor and an exceptional amount of focus. She is always trying to get me to do my best because she knows what my goals are and how best to help me achieve them. I am lucky to work with Amanda Cole. – Kevin W.

Amanda Cole is my trainer and she is phenomenal! I’ve greatly enjoyed her yoga, her free Saturday morning “boot camp type” half hour workout and her one-on-one training sessions. I’m 62 years old and when I started working with Amanda about six months ago I couldn’t even do one boys push-up. Today I did 62 boys push-ups, all of them with good form. She is also helping me get rid of my gut. Amanda Cole is the best and she can help you get strong and look and feel better too! – Jennifer B.

Total Balance Fitness is incredible. Amanda (owner) has an incredible capacity for enthusiasm and encouragement while pushing you toward your goals. She makes you work hard, constantly challenging you to improve, but she’s non-threatening and kind. I’ve had a lot of success working with Total Balance Fitness and I would reccomend training with Amanda to any of my friends. – JeaNell K.

I’ve never really been into working out. I really appreciate Amanda’s enthusiasm and encouragement. She has a great approach and has been helpful teaching me new things. – Ben K.

When I started working with Amanda, I had lower back problems, high blood pressure and looked fat. 5 months after working with Amanda I lost over 30 pounds, my blood pressure is back to normal and I look like I am in great shape. The only negative is that now I need to buy a whole new wardrobe. – Tyler R.

I found Amanda completely by accident when asking about personal trainers at my gym (Anytime Fitness). She volunteered herself and offered me 3 free sessions (which were actually free–bonus!).

Since that glorious beginning she has helped me improve SO much. She’s flexible, encouraging, and just tough enough to get you were you need to go without killing you on the way there. She respects limits and finds ways to challenge/motivate you that actually work for YOU. She’s very psychologically sensitive to her clients–she pays attention to how you function and works with your style!

She also has opportunities for free workouts–if you complete her challenge of the month, you get a free lesson. Speaking as a college student, this is rad.

And finally, she’s not stingy with time. If you need to ask her questions or have her work with you on something a little extra, Amanda’s not going to look at the clock and say “yeah, sure…but that’ll cost you.” She just does it–she genuinely WANTS to help you.

I owe a lot to her!! – Dana S.

Amanda is the perfect combination of angel and demon in the gym. She will work with you to set fitness goals and push you hard, holding you accountable, while trying to achieve them. If she can help me lose 30 pounds she can help you too. – Ty Reitz

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  1. I can’t say enough good things about Amanda at Total Balance Fitness. I’ve been attending Amanda’s bootcamp and small group training sessions for almost 10 months, and there have been significant improvements in my fitness. Before I started I could barely do a push-up, and things like sit-ups, lunges and squats weren’t even on my radar. I was stuck in a rut and spent way too much time in front of my computer at work. Amanda’s helped me make a renewed commitment to fitness and realize that exercise and nutrition have to be a priority in my life. She’s encouraging, and is also committed to keeping me accountable to my goals. I would absolutely recommend Amanda and Total Balance Fitness!

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