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Lose Your Love Handles 2015

The third annual fitness contest/challenge Lose Your Love Handles was an absolute success!  We smashed the love handles!!!!  By tracking points given for healthy lifestyle behaviors, nutrition, and exercise (including lots of planks this go round), participants lost inches, pounds, and body fat.  Here are a few of the highlights:

SARA KYLE lost 2.3% body fat and gained 3.4 pounds muscle!
WAUNEEN MGENI lost 2.3% body fat and 3.2 pounds overall!
SARAH ZWIER was our Biggest Muscle Gainer with a gain of 5.2 pounds lean weight!  Also, she lost 2.4% body fat!
SUZI NELSON was our Biggest Loser of Inches with a loss of 3.5″ at the chest, waist, and hips!
KIMBERLY SCOTT was our Biggest Loser of Weight with a loss of 6.2 pounds!
JOHNI BAXTER was nominated as Most Inspiring and also was our Biggest Point Scorer!
ALLISON ERICKSON was our Biggest Loser of Body Fat with a loss of 2.5% Body Fat!  She also lost 5.2 pounds overall and lost 1.25″.  So she was our Big Winner of the $100 cash prize plus 4 training sessions, for her high points all month and such great results!!
 The scores are at this link:
Way to go, everyone.  Keep up the good work!!  And onlookers, join us in June for a Beach Body Challenge.