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Big Winner/Loser!

Our Biggest Loser of the 2018 Summer Sizzle Fitness Challenge is Peg T.! Over the three week contest she lost 7.4 pounds, 5 inches, and reduced body composition by 2.3%. I’m so proud of your hard work, Peg!


Peg holds up her Award

Katie and Joe S. were fierce competitors: Katie was our second place Loser with a loss of 4.4 pounds and 3.75″, and Joe gained the most muscle and reduced body fat significantly.


Katie and Joe with daughters Emily and Mia

Amy A. tied with Peg for Most Points.  Impressive work, you two!  Amy also got the Amazon Award for Determination.  🙂

Nancy L. got an award for the Courage to try Something New.  It is awesome to be brave and work on improving yourself!

Isaac E. finished strong with a loss of 4.8 pounds and 1.25″, and reducing body composition 1.6%.  Good work, Isaac!

Michelle W. completed with a loss of 2″ and 3.6 pounds.  Great job, Michelle!

Suzi N. nailed it with a loss of 2″ and 5.6 pounds.  You go, girl!

Way to go to all Challengers!

Want to become part of the fun??  Scare Off the Pounds fitness challenge starts October 1 – Contact me to schedule your weigh in, starting September 24.