Lose Your Love Handles 2019

Lose Your Love Handles
Fitness Challenge

Feb 4-March 3, 2019

$30 to participate — prizes include $100 cash + 4 personal training sessions!

Want to get moving, eat better, shed pounds, kickstart healthy habits, and have fun doing it with a motivating community?  Then join the Lose Your Love Handles Fitness Challenge!

IMG-1789 IMG_0756 LYLH finish 2017Johni's progress pic IMG_1069 Reed, winner of LYLH 2014 unnamed copy 2

Previous Challenge Winners:  Jenna, Amy, Katie, Peg, Johni, Fran, Reed, Joe

(links to stories about the winners are at the bottom of the page)

All participants receive:

  • Measurements at start and finish
  • Nutrition/exercise/healthy lifestyle guidelines
  • Party at finish – details TBA
  • Motivational emails from Amanda
  • Accountability via Facebook group

When we check in:

Weigh-ins: start Jan. 28     Weigh out: March 4-9

NEW EVENT:  Kick off Party, Monday, Feb. 4 at 7pm (includes group workout, snacks, meet your fellow challengers) – 100 West 46th Street, Minneapolis

How to Win:

One winner is the person with the most results (weight lost, body composition change, inches lost).  The other winner is whoever receives the most points. Points will be given for the following:

  • daily plank challenge

  • workout time

  • nutrition: tracking water, eating more vegetables, consuming healthy fats, adequate protein intake, less processed carb consumption

  • adequate sleep, positive self image

  • sharing your goals and successes and motivating others

  • additional bonus challenges (i.e. 100 push-ups/day)

Contact Amanda to sign up and schedule your weigh-in.

Check out the results and scores from previous challenges!

Each link includes the story of the winner:

Summer Sizzle 2018 (Winners:  Peg + Amy) SCORES

Lose Your Love Handles 2018 (Winner:  Isaac)  SCORES

Scare Off the Pounds 2017 (Winners: Jenna + Amy) SCORES

Summer Sizzle 2017 (Winner:  Katie S.) SCORES

Lose Your Love Handles 2017 (Winner: Peg T.) SCORES

Scare Off the Pounds 2016 (Winners:  Frances L. + Amy A.) SCORES

Summer Sizzle Fitness Challenge 2016 (Winners:  Heidi L. + Amy A.)   SCORES

Lose Your Love Handles 2016    (Winner: Peg T.:  4.5″ lost!)

Scare Off the Pounds 2015 (Biggest Loser:  Joe Schuld:  lost 12 lbs!)

Build Your Own BeachBody 2015   (Biggest Loser:  Johni B. lost 12 lbs!)   SCORES

Lose Your Love Handles 2015  (Winner:  Allison E. lost 2.5% body fat!) SCORES

Scare Off the Pounds 2014     (Winner:  Reed B. lost 2.8% body fat!)    SCORES

Lose Your Love Handles 2014    (Winner:  Frances L. lost 7 lbs!) SCORES

Scare Off the Pounds 2013  (Tied Winners:  Frances L. + Alisha K.)    SCORES

Lose Your Love Handles 2013  (Winner:  Frances L.)   SCORES

———- RESULTS ———-


Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Total Points Weight Loss Score