Successful Scaring Off the Pounds

Another successful fitness challenge! 20 participants walked, ran, jumped rope, jumping jacked, push-upped, squatted, and planked their way to increased fitness in the month of October in the Scare Off the Pounds Fitness Challenge. Not only did they exercise, but they tracked their water intake, healthy fats, vegetables, protein, alcohol, carbs, sleep, and more. Each participant also created a mantra for themselves to keep it positive and motivating. I am SO PROUD of all our Challengers and here are some of the highlighted successes:

*AMY ANDERSON got the most points, earning a $50 cash prize plus two personal training sessions, and got the great results of losing over 2” and reducing body composition by 1%!

*PEG THOMAS, a previous challenge winner, also lost 2” and 1.3% body fat.

*We had three contestants tie for Second Place Biggest Loser. One was Kevin Ward with a loss of 1”, 6.8 lbs, and 2.1% body fat. Great work, Kevin!

*The other two parts of the three way tie are married to each other; isn’t that adorable? JeaNell and Ben Krupnick nailed it with their respective losses of 7.8 pounds, 2.25”, and 1% body fat; and 1”, 7 lbs, and 1% body fat.

*Joe Schuld lost the most pounds this month with 9.6 lbs gone! He didn’t win the prize though because another person lost way more inches and body fat:

*Finally, our Biggest Loser this time around was FRANCES LESICKO with a loss of 4”, 2.8 lbs, and a whopping 2.4% body fat, earning her the other $50 cash prize plus two training sessions. Way to go, Frances!!  Note that one of Frances’ big motivators right now is a big kayaking trip in New Zealand in January/February 2017.  She’ll be doing stuff like this:

13439240_1331134566901763_7774581702739362147_n.jpg (Frances is quite the adventurous kayaker!  This photo is in Popham Beach, Maine)

As usual I am thrilled with these fabulous results as well as the changes in lifestyle and health that come along with tracking food intake and exercise throughout a month. Join us in February 2017 for Lose Your Love Handles if you’d like to do the same!

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