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Sizzling Summer Results!

20 participants sweated it up for 3 weeks in May/June by doing High Intensity Interval workouts; improving their nutrition with more veggies, healthy fats, water, and protein; daily planks; sleeping more; sharing goals & successes with friends and inviting them to join; committing to personal goals, and more.

Each challenger created a personal mantra to reinforce a positive body image and attitude. Some of the mantras include: “My body does good things for me,” “My body is beautiful because it is strong,” “My body has been good to me, and I will be good to it,” “I love myself. I respect myself. I am beneath no one,” “I love my body,” “I eat foods that make me feel light and energetic,” “I can and I will,” “Be kind to myself both physically and mentally,” “Heart strong, brain strong, bum stronger,” “Strong on the inside, strong on the outside,” “In the absence of certainty, faith is more than mere opinion; it is hope.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m encouraged just reading those! Each person followed their own daily ritual repeating the mantra. It really sets the tone for the day!

10616561_3318195755073_4545711748115857578_nThis challenge saw two winners: Amy Anderson got the most points award – even getting all possible points week 1! Mid-challenge she said “IM ALREADY SEEING RESULTS!!!  Like, seriously! My body looks different to me!! I’m loving this! Also… Still ALL MY POINTS!!” Way to go, Amy, I am so impressed!

Our Biggest Loser was Heidi Lehto, who lowered her body composition 2.8% through the month (wow!), as well as losing 3.25” from waist, chest, and hips and losing 2.2 pounds. She told me she was receiving a lot of compliments and surprised that the numbers backed that up. Her pants fit looser but she was still shocked to be the winner!  Your hard work paid off, Heidi!

Our biggest loser of total body weight was Tim Nelson who lost 7.2 pounds but didn’t get results quite as great as Heidi in the other categories. Way to go, Tim!

Our biggest loser of inches was Nora Whalen who lost 3.75” total from her chest, waist, and hips. Awesome job, Nora!

All our participants did fabulous and I am so proud!

“This challenge has been a really good reminder for nutrition, and I feel like I’ve gotten past craving sugary things all the time. Also, I’ve gotten in the habit of always having carrots around and salads for lunches. That has been fantastic! …I am really happy that some habits have been changing. Thanks!” – Marc, Summer Sizzle participant, June 2016

Join us in October for Scare Off the Pounds, a similar fitness challenge.

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