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Yoga for Runners + Cyclists

Saturday, 4/23 from 2-4pm at Yoga Sanctuary:  Yoga for Runners + Cyclists.  I’m excited to teach this for the third year!

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Here are my top seven ways yoga helps to improve running and cycling:

1. Practicing yoga builds mental focus, from breathwork, holding poses, and setting intentions which helps you get to the end of your distance.
2. Pranayama (breathwork) improves breathing, essential to getting oxygen to your muscles to keep going, allowing you to go farther, faster, more efficiently.
3. You can prevent injury by keeping muscle pairs balanced and the left + right sides of your bodies balanced.
4. Healing: sometimes pain can be relieved with stretching a tight muscle or activating a weak muscle.
5. Balance (and many other) poses strengthen the core and many muscles.
6. Yoga teaches alignment and good posture which will improve your speed and efficiency in your sport.
7. It’s important to cross train and move in other planes; running/cycling are both forward movements only and our bodies also need sideways and twisting motions.

Learn more at Yoga for Runners + Cyclists on Saturday, April 23, 2-4pm! Register here: