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Success in Losing the Love Handles

Lose Your Love Handles 2018 was a smashing success! Thirteen challengers participated in tracking points for planking, HIIT-ing, drinking water, eating vegetables and protein and healthful fats, limiting carbs and sugar, positive mantras, and personal goals. Here is a few of the fabulous successes of the month of February!

  • One expectation of the challenge is to try a new vegetable or new way to prepare a vegetable. Some of the new foods tried included: cauliflower rice, parsnips, roasted carrots, jicama.
  • A new healthy habit that one person tried and the results from it: ”Going to bed at an earlier time, to get enough sleep. Better energy during the day.” Hooray!

    Planking Together

  • The award for Best Plank Photo went to Jessie and Josh, who combined efforts for what looks like a really challenging pose. Impressive!




Our Big Winner and Biggest Loser was Isaac Everhart! Here’s some highlights of an interview with him:

  • Isaac says of the challenge experience:

    Winner: Isaac!

    “Having a regimen centers me.”

  • Were you surprised that you won?
    “I wasn’t really expecting it; I tried not to think about it.”
  • What changed this past month?
    “Daily exercise had kinda fallen out of habit, so that was a big change I made.”
  • Isaac says one thing he did that might help others too:
    “ I try hard not to have a negative self body image no matter what. Thinking of the things on the challenge checklist as ‘scientifically proven actions’ that will literally make you feel better, weight loss aside, helps me.”

Isaac lost 11.6 pounds, 1.5 inches from his waist, and reduced his body composition by 1.1%. Way to go, Isaac!