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2014 Scare Off the Pounds results

Scare Off the Pounds 2014 was a total success! 19 participants worked hard over 4 weeks to eat better, exercise effectively, and build more healthy habits. The weigh outs aren’t completed yet, but our current total lost is 17 pounds, 10 inches, and 15.8% body fat; with a total gain of 15 pounds of muscle. Way to go, team! I’ll highlight a few of our big winners (i.e. big losers):

Angela Willson lost 2.5% body fat and gained 2.8 pounds of muscle. Impressive!

Colin Levine-Horrigan gained 3.2 pounds of muscle, tying for Winner in the category of Biggest Muscle Gain. Way to go!

Suzi Nelson won the award of Most Weekly Increase in Points for improving her point total week by week. Awesome!

Emilie Robinson won the award of Best Food Photos due to a visual food diary. Great work!

Angela Willson won the award of Great Sense of Humor for her positive and honest comments on our Facebook group. Thanks, Angela!

Fran Lesicko gained 3.2 pounds of muscle and also lost 3.4% body fat, becoming our Biggest Loser in the category of Body Fat, and tying for Winner in the Category of Biggest Muscle Gain. Go Fran!

And finally, our Big Winner was Reed Bailey – losing 6.6 pounds, 2.75 inches, and 2.8% body fat, as well as having the highest point total for the month.   Here’s some comments from Reed:

“Following the challenge guidelines gave me the excuse I needed to form healthy habits over the 30day challenge – more sleep, eating breakfast, balanced nutrition, replacing drive-thru with packed lunches, daily exercise, reduced soda/alcohol consumption.  Very happy with the results!  Looking forward to continuing to use some of the new grocery shopping and cooking improvements I discovered along the way.”

Reed playing Ultimate Frisbeeultimate

Reed won a $100 gift card to the Natural Food Co-ops and 4 personal training sessions to help continue his fitness and health.

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