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LYLH: Peg Thomas, Big Winner + Loser

The fourth annual Lose Your Love Handles Fitness Challenge is complete, with a new Winner (Loser!), Peg Thomas!  18 Contestants tracked points, logged grams of protein, ate more servings of vegetables, hydrated, rested and recovered, walked, run, kayaked, lifted, and lunged their way to better body composition and healthier habits.  9 participants had smashing success with a total of 20 lost inches.  Our big winner, Peg Thomas, achieved all the possible points in Week 1 (no participant has ever done that before!) and her hard work all month truly paid off with a loss of  3″ from her waist (4.5″ total lost), losing 5 lbs and 3.1% body composition reduction.  Wow!!


Peg:  nailed it!  

Joe, our Big Loser from October’s fitness challenge, continued his progress with another 9 pounds lost this month.  Impressive!

Other very notable results include Suzi Nelson, who lost 3″ but more importantly had awesome health improvements:

“Thanks for an amazing month! I went to have my A1c (blood glucose work over the past three months) checked at the hospital lab today in anticipation for my endocrinology appointment on Wednesday. My results were stunning! I was within range on all of my lab results–triglycerides, cholesterol, protein levels, glucose levels. My glucose levels were the lowest EVER. This, even with crappy December and January readings. I had an A1c of 5.6 when my lowest in the last five years was recorded at 7.0 (which is about average, or good). My average estimated blood glucose levels was 114. In the past the lowest was 154 back in February 2013 (I think after my first LYLH with you).
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am proud of myself and grateful for you and the partnership of everyone on the challenge.”
Suzi, Peg, and all who participated:  I am SO proud of you!  Way to go and KEEP IT UP!  Interested in joining up? Please feel free to join Total Balance Fitness in mid-May for the Beachbody Challenge.