Success story: 12 pounds lost!

unnamed copy 2          Joe’s story:

On the first day of training in spring 2012, Joe had a weak core and barely had the stamina to make it through a 30-min workout.  A previous marathon runner and father of 3, not to mention President of a medical company and busy traveling businessman, Joe started training because he wanted more guidance, motivation, and accountability. He was sporadically running and playing tennis and knew he needed to diversify his workouts and become more consistent.  Joe has since done exercises that he never would have done on his own – from planks to burpees to yoga, all of which have dramatically improved his fitness and ability. In addition to forcing him to expand his repertoire, another benefit of training he noted was reduced problems with his chronic bad back.

Over the years, Joe has learned a lot about nutrition and made many changes in how he eats. He states, “Diet is the most important. I came in for the exercise, but have learned that focusing more on what you eat is an important concept.”

Well, Joe’s nutrition changes have certainly paid off: this past month in the Scare Off the Pounds Fitness Challenge, Joe achieved the title of BIGGEST LOSER – losing almost 12 pounds in one month, as well as losing more than 2″ off his waist and losing 1.7% body fat. Impressive!!

Joe says his inner competitive spirit came out and he wanted to win.  How did he do it?  Joe drank lots of water (120+ oz daily), cut out processed carbohydrates and wheat 100%, continued working out with me 1 or 2 days per week, and walked and/or ran at least 6 days per week.  Joe even cut out all carbs except vegetables and fruits, monitored his total daily caloric intake, and spent 1 day per week in a semi-fasting state (only 800 calories per day). Joe’s hard work and determination really paid off!  Joe, I am SO proud of you!

Finally, Joe shared with me his philosophy on nutrition, exercise, and much of life: “Try to make today a little better than yesterday.” Good advice, Joe, thanks!


Scare Off the Pounds 2015   12187751_10206933761635282_4115236891080623219_n

Wow, what a month it has been! This fitness challenge included 14 participants, and for the first time ever no one dropped out. I’m impressed by everyone’s hard work and commitment. Here are some highlights:

Our BIG WINNER was Johni Baxter – although she did not have our highest weight loss, she had the best combination of achieving points and results. She lost 2.5% body fat, lost 3.5” from circumference measurements, gained 3.8 pounds of muscle, and lost 2 pounds.

Right behind Johni was Fran with slightly more points achieved throughout the month, but results just not quite as amazing as Johni. Fran lost 4” total circumference measurements though to be our Biggest Loser in the Inches category!

A really close third was Nora with losing 3.5” circumference measurements, losing 5.4 pounds, and losing 1.2% body fat, and achieving 3rd place in points. Way to go, Nora!

Our BIGGEST LOSER though was Joe Schuld – he blew the rest out of the water with a loss of 11.6 pounds, more than 2″ off his waist and lost 1.7% body fat.  Whew! Nice work, Joe!

We had another really Big Loser in Paul who lost 7.8 pounds this month. Awesome, Paul!

A final highlight was Sarah Zwier’s loss of 3.25” and 5.6 pounds. Impressive, Sarah!

Congratulations to all participants in Scare Off the Pounds 2015! Join us in February 2016 for Lose Your Love Handles Fitness Challenge.

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