The pounds got scared!

Successes from the October Fitness Contest

24 Challengers competed in Scare Off the Pounds last October, counting grams of protein, glasses of water, limiting sugar and alcohol intake, and adding up the minutes of exercise, not to mention all the burpees, crunches, and so much more that these hard workers did! 15 of the participants achieved incredible results. This year there was a tie – a previous winner from Lose Your Love Handles in February 2013, Frances Anderson*, made even more progress with 7 pounds lost, 2% body fat reduced, and 3 less inches. The newcomer who tied her was Alisha Krueger, who lost 3% body fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle. After the prize was given away to these two winners, more big “losers” came out of the woodwork: Johni Baxter lost 7 pounds, lost 4.5 inches, lost 3.8% body fat, and gained 2 pounds of muscle. Our biggest “loser” was Trish Rothe who lost an amazing 4.8% body fat as well as gaining 6 pounds of muscle. That is the most progress I have EVER seen in a mon th!!

HUGE CONGRATS to everyone who participated. Looking forward to our next contest/challenge, Lose Your Love Handles 2014 in February!

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