Katie wins Summer Sizzle Fitness challenge

What does it take to be the Biggest Loser of a Total Balance Fitness Challenge?

Well, last June, Katie lost 8.2 pounds; lost 4.25 inches circumference from chest, waist, and hips; and reduced her body composition by 2.7%. (Body composition is a way to measure how lean a person is; it describes the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in human bodies.)

Interview with Katie S, July 5, 2017, winner of the Summer Sizzle Fitness Challenge:

Were you surprised that you won?  “Yes, I was surprised I won, I’ve never won before. But, not surprised, because I could see the results the whole time! I’ve never come anywhere near winning this type of thing before.”

What helped you the most?  “I really think it was the diet portion, which didn’t feel restrictive, but still kept me on track. I was never starving. Also, doing training sessions with Amanda during it [the challenge] really amped up the accountability.”

Why did you want to participate?  “I signed up to get back in shape post-baby. Hearing the components of it, it lined up with healthy habits I’d been wanting to form anyway. It seemed sustainable.”

And what do you have to say to anyone else who wants this kind of results:  “Three weeks isn’t that long of a time. You can do it for three weeks and you’ll be in a good spot at the end to go forward!”

Right behind Katie was Mandi with a loss of 4.6 pounds, a loss of 3.5” total from waist, chest, hips, and body composition reduction of 4.8%. Wow!
Third place and fourth place losers were phenomenal as well. Peg (in 3rd) lost 6.4 pounds, 4.5”, and 1.9% body fat. Nora (in 4th) lost 4 pounds, 2.5”, and 3.2% body fat. Nora was our First Place Points Winner.

How are the winners calculated? Each category (inches, pounds, and body composition) are assigned a point value. The person with the most points in each category then is the winner. As you can see, Katie was pretty far ahead in each of the 3 categories. You may notice that Mandi in 2nd place lost 4.6 pounds while Peg in 3rd place lost 6.4 pounds. Mandi got the higher ranking because her body composition changed so dramatically. (Peg’s change of 1.9% was still fabulous though!)

A big Congratulations to all participants!! Fabulous results and hard work to get there.

Total Balance Fitness 21- and 28-day challenges give structure to your eating, exercise, and lifestyle to encourage holistic and sustainable healthy habits.  Join us next October for Scare Off the Pounds!

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