I began a partnership with BCOR (Bootcamp of the Rockies) in October 2011 and for months was satisfied with the new people I was meeting in bootcamp and the compensation and service I received from BCOR.  Basically, BCOR had the ability to market to a very large audience through Groupon, Living Social, and other means not available to a very small business (sole proprietor) like myself.  They also managed registering and selling to my many new boot campers.  Sometimes location, directions, or other important information would not get to these new clients, but I brushed it off as minor.  Over two months ago I received my last payment from BCOR, while they continued to register and send new members to my boot camp.  Since then, I sent at least a hundred emails, facebook messages, online support requests, tweets, facebook comments, and even a Better Business Bureau complaint.  The tone of the messages got angrier and more frustrated as time went on, as you could guess.  In mid-September I officially ended the partnership and shared the situation with my bootcamp members.  Seven members had signed up through BCOR and had been paying them monthly; they also were frustrated and disappointed to hear that I wasn’t getting my cut of their payments.  I calculated that BCOR owes me $800, and had actually been shorting me since February 2012. Finally on October 1 I got an email from the CEO of BCOR that BCOR is bankrupt.  I’m not sure if this singular email is enough proof that they are bankrupt, what if they just made it up to get me to stop badmouthing them all over the internet?  I also don’t know if it is worth it at this point to pursue any legal action…

Anyway, the point of all this is to explain to anyone holding a Living Social or Groupon voucher for BCOR, that I will honor the deal that you bought.  Living Social and Groupon should refund your money if you request, and I will charge you whatever you paid for the deal (either $20 for 1 month or $35 for 6 weeks).  This offer is not available for returning boot campers and is only available to those who bought the Living Social or Groupon deal.  I’d still love to meet you and help you get your boot camp workouts!

One thought on “BCOR

  1. I own a boot camp in Tucson and partnered with them. My story is almost identical to yours. Not sure if this is something we will ever get paid back on or not. They stopped paying me since February and kept telling me that they were working on switching to a new system where they send checks rather than deposit to accounts so I was trying to be kind and patient until about 3 months ago when I began sending them emails regarding my lack of payment and their lack of communication and threatening legal action. I then received that email as well.

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