New fitness challenge: Scare Off the Pounds 2014

Previous contests have been so successful, I can’t not do this challenge/contest.  Track points from Oct. 9 to Nov. 6.  Sign up today and schedule your weigh in!

Only $25 to participate
Winner receives $100 Gift Card
+ 4 personal training sessions to use in Nov-Dec 2014 ($150 value!)

All participants receive:
-results (if you put in effort!)
-measurements at start and finish
-party at finish – Nov. 9-13, details TBA
-motivational emails from Amanda

Invite a friend – and you can participate for free!

Weigh-ins : starting Oct. 6
Weigh out: Nov. 3 through Nov. 6

The winner is whoever receives the most points. Points will be given for the following:

-results (lowered body fat %, pounds or inches lost or gained, depending on your goal!)
-workout time
-attending boot camp or training sessions with Total Balance Fitness
-nutrition: drinking enough water, eating healthy fats, eating more vegetables, adequate protein intake, less processed carb consumption, less alcohol consumption
-stress relief activities
-adequate sleep
-sharing your success story
-additional bonus challenges (i.e. 100 push-ups/day)

SIGN UP TODAY! Contact Amanda at 612.203.0544 or click here to schedule your weigh-in!

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