1000 Push Up Challenge

Two years ago i promoted doing 1000 push ups, all on Christmas Day. This year I’m doing it again! You’ll burn off all the calories from sweets, drinks, snacks, and rich foods that you’re likely to consume on and around Christmas. If you can do 10 push ups, you can do 100. And if you can do 100, then you can do 1000!

I DARE you to try it! More details at this link:
The 1000 Push Up Challenge
RSVP to the event and post on Christmas Day how you’re doing, and see others’ updates.

You may be wondering if I’ll participate. Well, 2 years ago I did it, so I know it can be done! I’ve had some shoulder issues this year so I won’t be doing 1000 push ups. Probably I’ll do 1000 sit ups; and it might end up being on Dec 26. Close enough, though, right??!!

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