Yoga Booty Boot Camp OUTSIDE!

We are moving outside for fall: Saturdays 10-11am, September 17- October 15 at Linwood Park, 860 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul, MN. If weather is bad we’ll meet at Anytime Fitness, 1059 Grand Ave.
The group workout consists of a yoga warm up, a strength + cardio circuit, then a toning + stretching cool down.  It’s been meeting for a year and I’m excited about enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  We worked out at this location two weeks ago and it was fabulous!  Try it out and get your first class free! photo

(This photo from a different park workout several years ago, but it still represents the kinds of things we’ll do.)

Also, conveniently, it’s National Yoga Month for September.  Hooray!

Corrective Exercise Specialization

Recently I achieved this certification: Corrective Exercise Specialist. I studied a lot and nailed the test! What is it, you ask? Corrective Exercise strategies can help you improve your postural and movement patterns; recover from or prevent injuries or pain; identify and improve muscle weakness, tightness, or other imbalance; and help you exercise safely overall.   I am thrilled about all I have learned and excited to be putting it into place with my current clients and looking to expand my client base as well. Contact me if you’d like to learn more! I offer a free consultation and first workout so you can try it out.

IMG_2070Oh yeah, and I OBVIOUSLY wore my glasses for the photo so you could REALLY see how smart I am now.   🙂

Sizzling Summer Results!

20 participants sweated it up for 3 weeks in May/June by doing High Intensity Interval workouts; improving their nutrition with more veggies, healthy fats, water, and protein; daily planks; sleeping more; sharing goals & successes with friends and inviting them to join; committing to personal goals, and more.

Each challenger created a personal mantra to reinforce a positive body image and attitude. Some of the mantras include: “My body does good things for me,” “My body is beautiful because it is strong,” “My body has been good to me, and I will be good to it,” “I love myself. I respect myself. I am beneath no one,” “I love my body,” “I eat foods that make me feel light and energetic,” “I can and I will,” “Be kind to myself both physically and mentally,” “Heart strong, brain strong, bum stronger,” “Strong on the inside, strong on the outside,” “In the absence of certainty, faith is more than mere opinion; it is hope.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m encouraged just reading those! Each person followed their own daily ritual repeating the mantra. It really sets the tone for the day!

10616561_3318195755073_4545711748115857578_nThis challenge saw two winners: Amy Anderson got the most points award – even getting all possible points week 1! Mid-challenge she said “IM ALREADY SEEING RESULTS!!!  Like, seriously! My body looks different to me!! I’m loving this! Also… Still ALL MY POINTS!!” Way to go, Amy, I am so impressed!

Our Biggest Loser was Heidi Lehto, who lowered her body composition 2.8% through the month (wow!), as well as losing 3.25” from waist, chest, and hips and losing 2.2 pounds. She told me she was receiving a lot of compliments and surprised that the numbers backed that up. Her pants fit looser but she was still shocked to be the winner!  Your hard work paid off, Heidi!

Our biggest loser of total body weight was Tim Nelson who lost 7.2 pounds but didn’t get results quite as great as Heidi in the other categories. Way to go, Tim!

Our biggest loser of inches was Nora Whalen who lost 3.75” total from her chest, waist, and hips. Awesome job, Nora!

All our participants did fabulous and I am so proud!

“This challenge has been a really good reminder for nutrition, and I feel like I’ve gotten past craving sugary things all the time. Also, I’ve gotten in the habit of always having carrots around and salads for lunches. That has been fantastic! …I am really happy that some habits have been changing. Thanks!” – Marc, Summer Sizzle participant, June 2016

Join us in October for Scare Off the Pounds, a similar fitness challenge.

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Closed July 4-16

Note that Total Balance Fitness will be closed July 4-16.  I’ll be on a road trip to Colorado!


Yes, you should be jealous.  😉

Summer Sizzle Fitness Challenge

Want to build that beach body, shed pounds, and/or kick some unhealthy habits? Get some accountability, motivation, and guidelines to get your to your goals, whether it’s weight loss or general fitness. Sign up and participate in the Summer Sizzle Contest!!

In contrast to previous fitness challenges, this will be a more intense 3 week challenge (others are 4 weeks).  That means you’ll need to work harder for a shorter duration!

WorkoutWomen“The challenge helps take away any excuse I might try to give myself because excuses never feel adequate when others are keeping you accountable.” – previous anonymous participant, March 2016

Weigh-ins start May 16
Weigh out June 13-18

$25 to participate
2 Winners: each receives $50 cash
+ 2 personal training sessions to use summer 2016 ($80 value!)

One winner is the person with the most results (weight lost, body composition change, inches lost). The other winner is whoever receives the most points. Track points May 23-June 12.  Points will be given for: 1) Daily plank challenge, 2) workout time, 3) nutrition: drinking enough water, eating more vegetables, including healthy fats, adequate protein intake, less processed carb consumption, 4) adequate sleep, positive body image, 5) sharing your successes, 6) weekly workout challenges (i.e. 100 push-ups/day).

Up for the challenge? Sign up today to see what you’re made of!

Contact Amanda here to schedule your weigh-in.


Yoga for Runners + Cyclists

Saturday, 4/23 from 2-4pm at Yoga Sanctuary:  Yoga for Runners + Cyclists.  I’m excited to teach this for the third year!

Register here:

Here are my top seven ways yoga helps to improve running and cycling:

1. Practicing yoga builds mental focus, from breathwork, holding poses, and setting intentions which helps you get to the end of your distance.
2. Pranayama (breathwork) improves breathing, essential to getting oxygen to your muscles to keep going, allowing you to go farther, faster, more efficiently.
3. You can prevent injury by keeping muscle pairs balanced and the left + right sides of your bodies balanced.
4. Healing: sometimes pain can be relieved with stretching a tight muscle or activating a weak muscle.
5. Balance (and many other) poses strengthen the core and many muscles.
6. Yoga teaches alignment and good posture which will improve your speed and efficiency in your sport.
7. It’s important to cross train and move in other planes; running/cycling are both forward movements only and our bodies also need sideways and twisting motions.

Learn more at Yoga for Runners + Cyclists on Saturday, April 23, 2-4pm! Register here:


LYLH: Peg Thomas, Big Winner + Loser

The fourth annual Lose Your Love Handles Fitness Challenge is complete, with a new Winner (Loser!), Peg Thomas!  18 Contestants tracked points, logged grams of protein, ate more servings of vegetables, hydrated, rested and recovered, walked, run, kayaked, lifted, and lunged their way to better body composition and healthier habits.  9 participants had smashing success with a total of 20 lost inches.  Our big winner, Peg Thomas, achieved all the possible points in Week 1 (no participant has ever done that before!) and her hard work all month truly paid off with a loss of  3″ from her waist (4.5″ total lost), losing 5 lbs and 3.1% body composition reduction.  Wow!!


Peg:  nailed it!  

Joe, our Big Loser from October’s fitness challenge, continued his progress with another 9 pounds lost this month.  Impressive!

Other very notable results include Suzi Nelson, who lost 3″ but more importantly had awesome health improvements:

“Thanks for an amazing month! I went to have my A1c (blood glucose work over the past three months) checked at the hospital lab today in anticipation for my endocrinology appointment on Wednesday. My results were stunning! I was within range on all of my lab results–triglycerides, cholesterol, protein levels, glucose levels. My glucose levels were the lowest EVER. This, even with crappy December and January readings. I had an A1c of 5.6 when my lowest in the last five years was recorded at 7.0 (which is about average, or good). My average estimated blood glucose levels was 114. In the past the lowest was 154 back in February 2013 (I think after my first LYLH with you).
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am proud of myself and grateful for you and the partnership of everyone on the challenge.”
Suzi, Peg, and all who participated:  I am SO proud of you!  Way to go and KEEP IT UP!  Interested in joining up? Please feel free to join Total Balance Fitness in mid-May for the Beachbody Challenge.

Lose Your Love Handles 2016

19 Participants have gathered together to fight flab with dietary, exercise, and healthy lifestyle goals.  Some of the goals they have set for themselves include walking 15 miles this week, no elevators this month, complete a plank a day, no Coke Zero, doing IT band exercises daily to return to running in the spring, no wheat, 10,000 steps per day, and increasing greens intake.  Wow!  These ambitious folks are competing for 2 prizes of $50 cash plus 2 personal training sessions.  One winner will be the person who acquires the most points, the other will be the person with the largest change is body composition or weight loss. Go team!

12187751_10206933761635282_4115236891080623219_n.jpgThis photo from our Awards Ceremony from a previous fitness challenge:  Scare Off the Pounds 2015.  Brunch at French Meadow. Yum!

Holiday Shopping: Gift Card Special Offer

Maybe you got all your holiday shopping done today with Black Friday special offers…  but if not, I’ve got an idea for you.  Give the gift of fitness!

$100 Gift Certificates are available at deep discounts: Today (11/30) is the last day to buy a gift certificate for $100 worth of personal or small group training for only $20! Tomorrow the cert’s will still be on sale for $30 and will stay there until I sell out or until Christmas.

Certificates may not be redeemed by any current clients.

Buy online at this link

Or make an appointment with me to buy in person with cash, check, or credit card.