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SUCCESS: Lose Your Love Handles 2014

What a great contest this time around!  26 hard-working individuals participated in improving their nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle habits in this annual fitness/nutrition challenge.  In total the group lost 54 pounds, 13.5 inches from waistlines, and 25% body fat, as well as gaining 20 pounds of muscle.  Way to go, Love Handle Losers!

 Some things the challengees worked on included:  daily exercise, drinking adequate water, eating more veggies with a focus on dark leafy greens, consuming adequate protein, lowering intake of processed carbs/sugar/alcohol, stress reduction, and getting enough sleep.  Many participated in additional bonus challenges including walking/running 20 miles in a week, doing 100 squats every day, and a public photographic food diary.

 The top three achieved over 100 points each week: Alisha Krueger, Isaac Everhart, and Frances Anderson*.  Participants nominated each other for some awards, including Best Food Photos to Sarah DeYoung, Most “Plain” Foods to Isaac Everhart, Best Facebook Posts to Heather M., and Best Banana & Dog Photos to Frances Anderson.  Allison Erickson achieved the award for “Most Points in the Under 100 Points Per Week Category.”  Robyn Schein had the biggest muscle gains with 8 pounds transformed from fat to muscle.  JeaNell Krupnick won the award for Biggest Loser (inches), with a whopping 2.5 inches lost from her waistline.  There was a tie for Biggest Loser (pounds):  both Ali Yocom and Shauna Goodman lost 10 pounds!  Ali Yocom was also our Biggest Loser of Body Fat.  Our Overall Winner of the $100 cash prize was Frances Anderson.  This third time winner lost 2% body fat, 7 pounds, and 2.5 inches from her waist this month, as well as achieving the most total points.

 Allison Erickson, one of our high scorers and Big Losers, says, “I have learned so much in the past month doing the Lose Your Love Handles challenge with Amanda. I actually love spinach and kale, I continue to survive while not consuming, sugar and artificial sweeteners everyday, even thrive:) And I have made exercise a daily routine for myself. Thanks, Amanda!”

 Incredible achievements, Lose Your Love Handles contestants!  Your determination and success is inspiring.  If you missed the chance to participate, another opportunity will come up in October:  Scare Off the Pounds!


*Name changed for anonymity

Lose Your Love Handles RESULTS

Total Balance Fitness’ first contest (click here for more info on rules/details) was a huge success!  Lose Your Love Handles went from Feb 1-28 and 25 people signed up to participate.  14 of those contestants finished up with GREAT results – losing significant amounts of body fat, pounds, and inches.  Everyone who participated made some healthy lifestyle changes including daily exercise, drinking adequate water, eating more veggies, consuming adequate protein, lowering intake of sugar/alcohol, stress relief activities, and getting more sleep.  Many participated in additional bonus challenges including walking/running 15 miles in a week, doing 50 burpees every day, and completing 1000 squats and 500 pushups in one week!

2 participants each (Lauren Wanna and Margaret Hilger) reduced their body composition by 2.5%, each lost around 10 lbs, and each lost 3 inches around waist, hips, and chest. Overall, the group lost 68 pounds in a month!!

Our big winner who also lost lots of body fat, inches, and pounds, was Frances Anderson*.  She really put her mind to this and made many lifestyle changes that have seriously been paying off!  Here’s some of her comments regarding some of the dietary adjustments: “It was not as hard as I thought to go a month without sugar, chocolate, and alcohol.  When I made the decision at the start of the month to do this, it was not so hard, because I had already decided. I did not mindlessly eat chips or other junk. I had already decided not to eat it.”  Fran is using her prize money to buy new clothes, since her old clothes are too big and falling off of her!  “When I went shopping for new workout pants and jeans, I was amazed to find the sizes I was trying on.” See what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it?

Way to go to all Lose Your Love Handles participants!  Your determination and success is inspiring!! If you missed the chance to participate in this one, we’ll have another opportunity in October 2013.

*Name changed for anonymity.

Achieving Optimum Body Composition

Every person who comes to me wants to achieve optimum body composition. Sometimes they say they want to tone up, or lose weight, or get smaller, or build muscle, or strengthen their core. All of these are different ways to say, “I want to have the best body I can have!” Everyone does have different needs, as far as how to get to optimum body composition. This youtube from Training Peaks was a great summary of how to get there.

Here’s what I took from it that i’ll be passing on to my clients:

1) Always eat breakfast (it can be after your morning workout if you exercise right away in the morning).
2) Eat every 3 hours, probably 5-7 times each day. If you are a busy person, plan ahead, and prepare or buy some quick/easy snacks that you can eat on the go.
3) Each meal or snack should contain carbs, protein, and fat. Examples: an apple and some almonds; chicken, veggies, and rice; oatmeal with a hard-boiled egg; etc.
4) You MUST do strength training, 2-4 times per week. It can be quick (20 min is good if you’re rushed). Just make sure it gets done!
5) Train in the correct heart rate zones. Many people train too intensely too often. Do a variety of cardio workouts and don’t forget to exercise at low intensities as well. This will teach your body to burn fat for fuel.
6) Hydration. Drink 20 ounces of water as soon as you wake up. Then drink lots more water throughout the day. If you’re thirsty, you’re too late.
7) Recover, repair, sleep. This is when your muscles are built, so you can’t leave it out.
8) Finally, believe that you can do it and that your goals are possible!!!

If you need help with a strength training routine or figuring out your heart rate zones, contact me, I’d love to help you.